Spaceborne science and technology

Space physics and instrumentation research related to ionospheric modeling and simulation, small satellites development and space instrumentation such as magnetometers and Langmuir probes.

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Spaceborne Communications

Desing and build of flexible communications system for nano satellites. Resarch in phased array antennas and software defined radios for satellite to ground and satellite to satellite communications.

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Geosciences Instrumentation

SPEL is collaborating with different initiatives of the Geophysics Department at UCH related to atmospheric and seismic measurements including photometers, radars and seismic recorders.

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Space and Planetary Exploration Laboratory (SPEL) was built in 2011 in the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Chile to serve as the headquarters of the design, construction, development and test of the first chilean nanosatellite, SUChAI. Since that year, many students have contributed to the SUChAI project and others, extending the areas of the laboratory. Currently, SPEL has strong relations with the Radio Astronomy Instrumentation Group, Physics Department, Geophysics Department, Astronomy Department and Mechanical Engineering Department at Faculty of Physics and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM), Univeristy of Chile and Physics Department at University of Santiago of Chile.

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SPEL team in FIDAE 2018

The SPEL team will be presenting the University of Chile Space Program in FIDAE 2018. Get the latest news about SUCHAI 1 mission, the first Chilean made nano satellite launched into space in June 2017. Additionally, visitors can know more about the SUCHAI 2 and 3 nano mission and talk with the creators of this satellites.